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Brand Collaboration Nestle

#HealthyKids is an initiative by Nestlé in association with Magic, their objective is to create and raise awareness regarding good nutritional practices, cooking methods to enhance the nutritional content of foods and physical fitness among students in village schools.

Mumbai Film Festival #JioMAMIWithStar2019

We collaborated with #JioMamiWithStar2019 to talk about #HalfTicket where they showcased 14 Children's movies from across the globe. A great way to introduce world cinema to your kids.

Best career options for work-from-home moms

Here are my top 3 career options you could explore post baby. 

#NoPlaceForHate in collaboration with Facebook and YKA

Women need to hold a strong stance against online bullying and trolls. 

Post partum hair loss and secret remedies

A heartfelt conversation around the emotional and physical changes that a woman's body goes through post pregnancy. 

Breast milk jewellery unboxing and review

Moms Memoirs create beautiful handcrafted jewellery made from breast milk. This precious keepsake can be passed on to your next generation.

Dancing Mamma in collaboration with Team Naach

Parenting is tough but a little bit of dance never hurts anyone. Get fit with by shaking a leg and laughing out loud

Most popular books for toddlers on Amazon

Check our list of favourite and most loved books for toddlers from Amazon

Politics and Parenting with #Priyanka Chaturvedi

As a mother I feel extremely comforted by the fact that there are powerful women in the system who will be part of the decision making policies that will affect us and are children. 

#DigitalWomenAwards by #AxisBank and Google.

Tips for Mompreneurs at the #DigitalWomenAwards hosted by @SheThePeople.TV