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Riding on my life's greatest learning curve - Parenting! After spending 10years working with India's most trusted brand, Tata Consultancy Services, I dived into the endless digital space with my blog #30ish. iMOM (Mom's Opinion Matters) is an extension of my digital footprint. It is a parenting review platform and a mom blogger community program. 

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Moms Opinion Matters - Strike meaningful conversations and create authentic digital content through reviews and mom blogger /influencer community engagement events.  iMOM review offerings are divided into 4 categories : Products - Services - Education- Events 

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iMOM community is looking for mom bloggers and influencers to review and share their honest opinion. We also give them a chance to gain readership on their blog and participate in our upcoming events and meet & greet workshops . 


We celebrate mom bloggers for their commitment towards making parenting easier for other moms. #iMom is a networking and learning community based initiative because we believe that every mom's opinion matters. 

iMom Workshops

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iMom Parenting Bloggers Meet

All day

Andheri - Link Road

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iMom Parenting Bloggers Meet

We invite you to connect and share blogging tips with our community and take part in our review sessions.

All day

Andheri - Link Road


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